MF CT Stars 10U Showcase

We believe a successful U10 girls hockey program is characterized by several key elements that contribute to the overall development, enjoyment, and achievements of the young athletes involved. Our mission is to provide:


1. Development-Centric Approach: The program prioritizes the holistic development of each player, focusing not only on hockey skills but also on physical fitness, mental resilience, teamwork, and sportsmanship. Coaches design age-appropriate training sessions that gradually introduce and refine fundamental skills such as skating, puck handling, passing, and shooting.


2. Positive and Supportive Environment: A positive and supportive atmosphere is cultivated within the program, where players feel encouraged to take risks, learn from mistakes, and strive for improvement. Coaches emphasize constructive feedback, praise effort over outcome, and foster a culture of inclusivity and respect among players, coaches, and parents.


3. Qualified and Dedicated Coaching Staff: The program is led by qualified and dedicated coaches who have a passion for both hockey and youth development. Coaches have received appropriate training and USA Hockey certification and possess strong communication skills to effectively engage with players and parents.


4. Age-Appropriate Competition: While competition is an integral part of the program, it is approached in a manner that is suitable for the U10 age group. Players participate in friendly games, tournaments, and events where the emphasis is on skill development, teamwork, and enjoyment rather than solely on winning. Coaches ensure that all players receive adequate playing time and opportunities to contribute to the team's success.


5. Opportunities for Advancement: The program provides opportunities for players to advance and pursue their hockey aspirations as they progress beyond the U10 level. This includes pathways to higher-level Mid Fairfield CT Stars teams, participation in regional or national development programs, exposure to scouting opportunities for Prep 

School and College , and access to resources for continued skill development and growth.


6. Fun and Memorable Experiences: Above all, a successful U10 girls hockey program creates fun and memorable experiences that instill a lifelong love for the sport. Players form lasting friendships, enjoy camaraderie on the ice, and develop valuable life skills that extend far beyond the hockey rink.


By integrating these elements into our framework, we believe we are setting the stage for the positive growth and development of young athletes, preparing them to thrive both on and off the ice.

MF CT Stars 10U 2024-25

10U Girls

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